Winterizing your Colorado Home

November 13, 2015

This is our first custom home blog entry, where we will discuss what it’s like to design, build, live and maintain your home in the high elevation environment of Western Colorado.

With winter and cold temperatures here, hopefully you or your property manager have taken steps to winterize your house.  Simple items, such as closing foundation vents, sprinkler system blowout, snow poles for plowing, changing filters in your furnace or HRV (heat recovery ventilators) and setting thermostats to your preferred winter temperature.  Also, remember to remove any hose attached to freezeless hose bibs or shut off water supply to non-freezeless hose bibs.  We recommend setting your thermostats to 60°F or above, if you are gone for long periods as temps can get dangerously low (reaching as low as -30°F outside).

A boiler check and annual maintenance is a good item to have on your calendar in the late fall or early winter.

If you use a fireplace often, scheduling a chimney sweep on an annual basis is good practice.

Gunnison County Electric Association offers a free heat loss analysis, a great resource if you are looking to upgrade your homes efficiency.