Choosing Your Building Site in Crested Butte, Colorado

October 5, 2015

There are many factors to take into consideration when looking for a lot to build your new custom home on.  First, decide what type of lot you are looking for.  In town, close to town, the ski area or secluded.  Do you want a view or a heavily wooded area?

A very important aspect and one of the first things to consider is water.  How will it be supplied to your custom home?  Will you need to drill a well?  If so, how much water does it produce?  Has the water been tested?  Is there a community or municipal water system that you would be using?  If this is the case, how much are the tap fees?

Accessibility and Road Maintenance:     

What is the accessibility to the lot and how will the road be maintained in the winter?  Does it have well graded driveways and maintained roadways year round?  Plowing is important to think about.  Who will be responsibility for this?  Does your development take care of this is or is it something that you have to take care of yourself?


a)  Sewer:  Is it part of a community system or is there a septic system.  An existing septic system will need inspection to make sure it is working correctly

b)  Natural gas and electricity:  Many areas have natural gas.  Some have gas near by but have never been hooked up to it.  In some areas electricity lines are not available at all.  In this situation, alternate energy, such as solar energy is a great option.

c)  Phone service:  Has telephone service been provided to the site?  Or will you have to rely on cell service?  Make sure that you have a good signal in your area.

d)  Fire danger:  If the lot you select is wooded, fire protection needs to be considered.  Insurance rates are determined by how far the nearest fire station is and the location of fire hydrants in relation to your building site.

HOA and Taxes:

Your Realtor will provide you with all HOA information, membership dues, current financial statements, covenants and rules.

In some places vacant land is taxed at a higher rate than residential properties.  Be sure you understand what the tax liability will be before purchasing.